Warranty – Lighting devices

Dear customer friend, CONGRATULATIONS!

You have just purchased our practical and technological lighting line.
For your peace of mind and safety, in addition to receiving the best and most advanced professional UV lighting devices, you have a quality guarantee from OTB. Before reaching you, our products undergo rigorous testing, being evaluated in every detail by our experts. All OTB professional UV lighting devices have an extended and assured warranty of 12 months at no cost to the customer, provided that all conditions of the warranty policy are met.


OTB product warranty

OTB guarantees its products against manufacturing defects, as long as they are maintained under normal conditions of use and maintenance. OTB, in accordance with the terms of this warranty, will only receive the defective product accompanied by an email addressed to OTB (Contact your sales representative to verify the correct email), requesting the collection of the material and informing the reasons for the defect. functioning. Through email, the credit note will be issued that will accompany the merchandise when it is properly collected from the client and sent to OTB. Once received, the product will be analyzed by the Quality Department and, if it meets the requirements of the Guarantee Period, a new product will be sent along with a new invoice within 48 hours (not counting logistical deadlines). The new invoice will include the right to renew the 12-month warranty from the new issue.

Warranty criteria

The warranty does not cover: (a) Defects or damages resulting from abnormal use of the product by the customer, such as plastic surfaces and other parts exposed externally, scratched, cracked or broken, as well as spillage of food or liquid of any nature; (b) Defects or damages resulting from testing, installation or alteration of any kind to the original factory; (c) Breakage or damage that was noted at the time of acquisition; (d) Products that have had the warranty seal removed, erased or made illegible: (e) Defects and damages resulting from the use of components not compatible with the OTB product; (f) Defects and damages caused by natural agents (floods, salt spray, electrical discharge and others) or excessive exposure to heat; (g) Unsatisfactory performance of the product due to installation in an inappropriate location or electrical network; (h) Parts that naturally wear out with regular use, such as cables, pins, etc. (i) If the material is in perfect working condition, it is excluded from the warranty.
This guarantee is automatically canceled in the event of any of the above hypotheses. In this case, the same material received with the technical specifications report will be forwarded.

Shipping modalities

If the item intended for exchange meets the warranty terms, after quality analysis, shipping is the responsibility of OTB.
If the item intended for exchange does not meet the warranty terms, after quality analysis, shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.

Tax Guidelines

Please contact your sales representative to discuss the necessary procedures for your country.