Conventional markers

In addition to the invisible and temporary line, the OTB also works with conventional markers. Leather brand refills are known to the general public and permanently scratch the desired materials, requiring cleaning the product at the end of the process.

For better efficiency, get to know the Invisible Pen OTB demarcation system.

Metal refill for leather marking

Scratches different types of materials permanently after application. This marking leaves residues that must be removed at the end of the production process for better product quality. Use the refill in the vertical position to mark the desired areas.

Gel pen for leather marking - Silver

The gel pen allows marking on more difficult materials, especially oily leathers, as the ink is more fluid. This marking leaves residues that must be removed at the end of the production process for better product quality.

Thermosensitive refill

The marking of this pen erases with heat. The thermal ink disappears when subjected to high temperature, from 60º C. Indicated for more porous surface materials.

Available in four colors: blue, white, red and black. Ballpoint pen.

Clean Pen Risk

Pen to erase scratches. Widely used to remove markings made with a silver leather brand refill. It can be applied to different materials: synthetic laminates, nylon, leather, nappa, fabrics, canvas, soles, etc.; whether smooth or porous surface.

Pass the pen over the marking and wait a few seconds for it to disappear from the surface. The Risk OTB Clean Pen offers practicality and economy when compared to conventional cleaning methods with solvents and friction erasers.

Pens and brushes for wire finishing

Markers used for wire painting, finishing materials, edge painting and small corrections in leather or synthetic laminates.

Available in different colors: blue, coffee, brown, havana, brown, black, green and red.

Pigment with high fixing power and fast drying when applied on indicated substrates.

Attention: This marker it is not suitable for painting soles, sole shaping channels in its various compositions, rubber, TR, PVC, micro expanded, among others.

Pigmentation can come out due to the compounds of the soles and with the friction force in footwear use.

High fixation pens

High fixation pens suitable for use on leather, sole painting, rubber, PVC, TR, PU, sole trim, among others. High strength ink. Quick drying and low odor.

Available in five colors: yellow, blue, gold, green and red

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