Social responsability

We believe that together we can transform the lives of many people who are served by solidarity institutions throughout Brazil.

Be part of this movement too! Help build a new tomorrow in the lives of those in need.

In 2019, OTB started a partnership with the NGO Banco de Alimentos, which benefits thousands of socially vulnerable people in the city of São Paulo. A percentage of each product sold by OTB is destined for the organization to finance its activities, helping to minimize the impacts of hunger in the country.

OTB is a company APAExonated by APAE de Franca, which provides assistance to people with intellectual or multiple disabilities in the areas of Social Assistance, Special Education and Health. More than 400 people are served per year.

IANSA (Institution of Support Nossa Senhora Aparecida) operates in the city of Franca, headquarters of the OTB, and supports people in situations of illness, mainly in the fight against cancer. The Institution welcomes patients undergoing treatment and their families, offering food, transportation, accommodation and activities for entertainment and learning.