Commitment to the environment

Aiming every day to be a more environmentally responsible company, OTB created the returnable project of the plastic structure of the Invisible Pen and Clean Pen. The action aims to minimize the impact of products on the environment. Following the National Solid Waste Policy, OTB works with a focus on the product’s life cycle and invests in reverse logistics, enabling the collection and return of solid waste for reuse or environmentally appropriate final disposal.

The company seeks sustainable production and consumption patterns to meet the needs of current generations and allow for better living conditions, without compromising environmental quality and meeting the needs of future generations.

OTB bears with the freight costs for the return of the packages and remunerates the companies per unit of empty pen. All returned material is selected and recycled to be transformed into raw material for our products.

Since the returnable project was implemented in 2015, more than eight tons of plastic waste have been recycled.

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