Corporate Solutions

The Invisible Pen OTB technology with UV ink helps companies that use scratching in the production process to gain productivity and reduce costs. Product quality is assured, guaranteeing customers a risk-free material.

Automotive tapestry

OTB products are constantly evolving to make a difference in the industry. The Center for Research and Development of New Technologies works constantly testing inks and pigments so that the Invisible Pen continues to demarcate any type of material on the market.

The inks in OTB’s invisible pens are apparent in all colors and scratch any material, from the simplest like cotton, to the most complex like leather, fur, sequins, glitter and varnish.

The pens can be used in several industries, from the footwear market, handbags and accessories in general, through automotive upholstery, clothing, furniture, retail, entertainment and security, among many others. The product is applicable in numerous sectors, including: cutting, preparation, sewing and assembly.